Our story

A solution to a problem, a mission for change
It started with a problem

Joe was the lead singer and guitarist in a touring rock band for about 5 years and every time he’d play a show, he would start to sweat and then his eyes would begin to sting really badly…

Turns out, it was actually his hair wax that was causing the problem. As he would sweat, the product would melt and get into his eyes and make them sting. He realised this was exactly the same thing that happened whenever he’d go to the gym or play sport.

A search for better

Joe tried loads of different products, trying to find a solution and he just couldn’t find something that solved his problem. He has sensitive skin too, so most products would give him an itchy scalp and would leave his hair in such a bad condition that he just wouldn’t want to put anything in it. 

It was really hard to find something that he could feel good about buying. So, he decided to make his own. 

The mission

Joe’s mission was to create natural hair styling products that actually worked. Hair waxes that improved the condition of his hair and scalp, solved his problem of stinging eyes and were made using sustainable, clean ingredients. Oh and no plastic either!

Prototype after prototype

He created dozens and dozens of prototypes in his kitchen and would try out his creations with local barbers and friends to get their feedback and tweak his recipes. Joe ended up making something that worked so well that people kept asking him for it.

So, he found a manufacturer in the UK and they decided to help him to develop the formulas further. After a year and a half of tweaking and development, Joe launched the Natural Barber Co. in April 2019. 

Clean formulas

No petrochemicals, SLS, SLES, parabens, added colour, glycols, silicones or PEGs.

Fragrance Free

Our hair styling products have a great natural aroma. No synthetic fragrances here.

Made in the UK

We're proud to make all of our products here in the United Kingdom.

Our philosophy

Joe learned how easy it would be to cut corners or save on costs when he started looking in to manufacturing these products. But he didn't want any of his products to harm or leave a trace on the planet nor use ingredients that could effect peoples health and wellbeing.

We're completely plastic free and only use the best ingredients from sustainable sources that promote healthy hair and skin. We don't test on animals nor do we distribute to countries that do, and we proudly manufacture our products in the UK.

We are registered and certified with Cruelty Free International

We are registered and certified with the Vegan Society.

We don't use plastic in our tins or shipping materials. Not now, not ever.

1000 happy customers and counting

We’re really proud to say that we’re now used by over a 1000 happy customers across the UK, including professional athletes, barbers, hair stylists and even parents for their kids.

Really lovely company, great service and the product arrived quickly - love love love :)

Jane L

Can't believe how good this product is plus it's all natural so there is no regret using it.

Jakub K