Best Men's Hair Styling Product, Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021

Best Men's Hair Styling Product, Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021

Natural Matte Clay Hair Styling Product Hades Matte Paste

So proud to share that we’ve won Best Men’s Hair Styling Product for Hades Matte Paste in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021. 🎉⁠

I set out to create a range of hair styling products that are kind to your hair, skin, and the planet. Products that do what they say on the tin work better than traditional hair wax, clays and pomades. It’s recognition like this that proves that we’re on to something and that it’s cool to be kind.

We are committed to raising the bar for what it means to be a sustainable grooming company. I really feel that we’re making a change in this industry and I’m so excited for what we’re going to launch later this year! More on that soon.⁠

Venture on. - Joe⁠

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