Ever had soap in your eyes?

Ever had soap in your eyes?

Now, imagine playing a show in front of 1000+ people, and your eyes start burning out of control. Yep, that was me... In my early 20's living out my rock and roll dreams on tour.

Turns out it was my hair wax that was causing this issue. As I would sweat, my hair wax would melt and get into my eyes and then make them sting. It’s a common problem you might have when playing sports or going to the gym. It’s really irritating and makes it hard to focus when it happens.

Bad hair day guaranteed

I was fed up with trying loads of different hair styling products. I could't find anything good and wasted money in the process. Unfortunately, the male grooming industry is a bit behind the times in more ways than one... There's an over use and dependency on plastic packaging, long lists of harsh ingredients that are no good for your hair's health, fragrances that would either make me smell like a teenager or give my skin flare ups and too much choice. I just wanted simple. Even if I bought a natural alternative product, it would be ineffective and double the price.

    So I decided to make my own

    I created dozens and dozens of prototypes in my kitchen and I'd try out my creations with local barbers and friends to get their feedback and tweak my recipes.

    I also ran a market stall on weekends to hear from real customers, to check if my problems were their problems, and if this was something they would actually buy. I ended up making something that worked so well that people kept asking me for it!

    Joe at the market stall


    Sustainably made in the UK

    I found a manufacturer in the UK and they agreed to help me to develop my formulas further. My mission was to create natural hair styling products that actually worked. Hair waxes that improved the condition of my hair and scalp, solved my problem of stinging eyes and were made sustainably. 

    After a year and a half of tweaking and development, we launched the Natural Barber Co. in April 2019 and I haven't looked back since.

    Joe Mallory-Skinner, Founder of the Natural Barber Co.

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